Inside the Differentiated Classroom

There are numerous strategies that can be used to create a true differentiated classroom. Here is a sequential list of ideas and resources to use when planning for the unique needs and interests of your students.

Knowing the Individual Learner

It is essential to know how each child learns best and what their interests are in order to plan for instruction and fully engage each learner. Please check out the following resources to assist you in doing so!

Learning Styles

Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

Multiple Intelligence Survey

What Are My Learning Strengths?

Learning Style Inventory

Learning Styles Chart

Interest Surveys

Student Interest Survey

Interest Inventory

Student Choice

Implementing Student Choice in the Classroom

Academic Choice

Strategies for Differentiating Instruction

There are numerous strategies and tools that can be utilized to reach the needs of each individual learner to provide an education that is both meaningful and engaging. Check out the sites below to help you plan best for your little learners!


Varying the levels of questions asked during discussion

or on a test based on readiness, interests, and learning styles

What are Questioning Strategies?

Types of Questions Based on Bloom's Taxonomy

Bloom Question Examples

Comprehension Strategies

Questioning Techniques

Curriculum Compacting

Students are able to move past concepts they

have already mastered and onto what they do not know

to satisfy their thirst for new knowledge

What is Curriculum Compacting?

Guidelines for Curriculum Compacting


Cubing Example for Kindergarten

Cubing Example 2

Cubing Templates

Flexible Grouping

Grouping students purpsefully or randomly in various ways,

including skills-based groups and interest-based groups

What is Flexible Grouping?

Developing a Flexible Grouping Lesson Plan

Create a Flexible Grouping Lesson Plan

Group Work Cards

Graphic Organizers

Visual representations of student learning

Create Your Own Graphic Organizer

Customize Your Own Organizer

Ready-to-Go Graphic Organizers

Ready-to-Use Organizers

Graphic Organizers for Reading Comprehension

K-W-L Chart

Sequencing Graphic Organizers

Identifying Graphic Organizers

Evaluating Graphic Organizers

Menus and Choice Boards

Students are able to select from an array of activities

to best support their educational needs and learning goals

Blank Tic-Tac-Toe Menu

Meaningful Menus

Blank Choice Board

Book Activity Choice Board


Independent Projects

Teacher and student work together to formulate a plan for

the product the student will develop based on their needs and

interests that will allow them to demonstrate their ability to apply their knowledge to the topic

Contract for Independent Study Project

Tiered Instruction

Lessons that include various leveled activities where students

explore ideas challenging enough to their level to build upon

their prior knowledge

Tiered Lesson Plan Templates

Tiered Lesson Example

Sample Tiered Lessons