Family Resources

Here are some helpful resources to help you and your child at home. If you have any questions, please feel free to post them under the "Discussions" tab at the top of the page and I will be sure to answer. Enjoy! :)


Decide whether or not your child is reading for Kindergarten

PBS Parents

A variety of resources for you and your family to explore together

Tips for Reading to Your Child

Learn how to effectively read aloud to your child

Helping Your Child Learn to Read

Strategies you can use at home to support your child as they learn to read

100 Kindergarten Home-School Activities

100 simple activities to do to reinforce Kindergarten concepts

Reading Rockets

Launch a reader within your child

Seussville Parents

A helpful site for finding books on your child's reading level

Family Education Network

Printables, Games, Activities, and Advice

The Involved Parent

Numerous academic resources to best support your child's learning at home

1000 Sites for Parents

Explore over 1,000 websites to find resources that meet your child's needs

Kids Reads

Find the newest books and join a book club based on your child's interests

What's Your Child's Learning Style?

Identify your child's learning style and understand how to reduce frusteration and improve achievement