Teacher Resources

The following websites are valuable tools in finding strategies and activities that support the academic needs of every learner.

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators

A wide variety of tools for all educators

Teacher's Lounge

Great Reading and Writing resources and printables

School Express

Create worksheets, awards, word walls, and games for students

Graphic Organizer Templates

Numerous graphic organizer printable templates

Teach the Children Well

Thematic resources and websites

Kindergarten Activities

An extensive list of reading and literacy skills and strategies

Colorful Alphabet Chart

A colorful alphabet chart that can be laminated for students to utilize

Sight Word Lists

Includes Pre-Primer and Primer word lists

Interactive Word Walls

Lesson plan for creating an interactive word wall with your students

The Writing Process

Information about teaching our students how to write

Color Coding the Writing Process

Teaching your students how to color code their writing pieces

Writer's Workshop

The steps of integrating Writer's Workshop into the classroom

Daily 5 and CAFE

An effective structure for Reading and Writing that allows for maximum student choice in learning as student set goals to help them become an independent learner.

Margo Southall

An educational consultant who has written numerous books that support an effective differentiated literacy program for the classroom